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County Executive Dooley: We Must Begin Hard Work of Healing

County Executive Dooley: We Must Begin Hard Work of Healing

St. Louis County Executive Charlie A. Dooley said the entire St. Louis community must now “begin the hard work  of healing” following tonight’s Grand Jury announcement. “The Grand Jury has done its work and now we must do ours. This will be a long road but it is one we must surely travel. There are … Continue reading

From County Executive Dooley’s Desk

Charlie A. Dooley

November is upon us and that means a new fiscal budget year will begin January 1, 2015. Take a look at my final proposed budget for 2015.

I am requesting appropriations totaling $543,619,363 in accordance with Article VIII, Section 8.020 of the St. Louis County Charter and applicable State statutes.

The revenue available to finance our operations in 2015 shows some growth; however, most of the growth is restricted to specific uses such as public mass transit, emergency communications, Children’s Service Fund programming and highway capital projects. All funds revenue in 2015 is projected to be $694.9 million, an increase of $22.5 million or 3.3 percent. However, when we look at the general operating funds (General Fund, Special Road & Bridge Fund, Health Fund, and Park Maintenance Fund) - revenues are projected to be $356.8 million, an increase of $4.7 million or only 1.3 percent.

This revenue forecast challenged the development of the recommended budget. Our projected growth in costs exceeds the growth in revenues, so the budget I present is focused on funding necessary to maintain our current programs and services. These services will be more expensive next year than they are today. At the same time, there are some requirements for technology investments to continue initiatives that are underway in the proposed budget.

Some significant changes in this budget include:

• $7 million for a 3 percent employee pay increase for the year

• $533,100 to allow for electronic civil plan submission and review; continues enhancement of the Accela system and partnership with MSD – this initiative will be self-funding, with an estimated $500,000 per year in added revenue; substantially improves efficiency for permit applicants.

• $450,000 to equip police officers with body cameras, and $365,500 for other equipment needs such as mobile data terminals and mobile printers to improve Police Officer efficiency

• $1.6 million for police overtime costs which occur each year. With this additional funding, further mid/late-year supplemental appropriations should not be necessary

• $329,200 to upgrade the police department’s fingerprint software and work toward accreditation

• $975,000 to allow for the start-up fire dispatching services to provide a more efficient response to emergencies – this initiative will be self-funding due to increased contract service revenues

• $351,900 to continue a pilot program started in 2014 with the Department of Judicial Administration and the Department of Justice Services, focused on finding innovative ways to reduce the population of the jail. This initiative has achieved promising results in 2014, and I believe it should continue

• $466,300 to complete implementation of a countywide time management system.

The recommended budget for the fiscal year beginning January 1, 2015 provides the funding required for delivering essential services to you, the citizens of St. Louis County, while also setting aside a required minimum of unappropriated fund balances to safeguard our bond rating and provide flexibility should emergency funding be required during the course of the year.

Charlie A. Dooley
County Executive, St. Louis County

The Pulse: Imagining Tomorrow for St. Louis County

The PULSE is a collection of social and economic indicators regarding the vitality of St. Louis County. The St. Louis County Department of Planning is collecting and tracking this information as we continue to implement the strategic plan, "Imagining Tomorrow for St. Louis County." As new information comes in, we will share it with you here.

Click here to view St. Louis County's Strategic Plan.

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It's that time of the year. What are you most excited about as the New Year nears? Remembering those that have protected our freedoms tomorrow... #VeteransDay St. Louis County is issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples following Wednesday's ruling making the same sex marriage ban unconstitutional. Take a look at what is required for any couple planning to marry in St. Louis County: #BreastCancerAwareness on the #StlCo admin building... #ThinkPink Did you know our pet adoption center is now open 7 days a week. Come over and play with some really cute animals or adopt your new family member for $40. Congrats to Officer Krinitskiy St. Louis County Police Department’s Central County Precinct “Officer of the Second Quarter!” County Executive Dooley welcomes the Missouri Public Transit Association conference to St. Louis on Monday morning at the Renaissance Grand Hotel. @stlmetro broke ground on the North #SaintLouCo transit center today...better transfer experiences and comfortable waiting environment. #Stl #MassTransit #NoCo Need a file cabinet? #SaintLouCo is auctioning a few and other surplus office furniture. Getting ready for tomorrow afternoon's Wonderful Wednesday event at the admin building. $3 gets you a hot dog, chips and a drink plus live music to entertain during lunch.

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