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St. Louis County Urges All Residents  to get Vaccinated against the Seasonal Flu

St. Louis County Urges All Residents to get Vaccinated against the Seasonal Flu

Flu season has arrived and the Saint Louis County Department of Health is urging that all residents six months of age and older be vaccinated against the seasonal flu. County Executive Charlie A. Dooley and Dr. Dolores J. Gunn, director of the Saint Louis County Department of Health, were both vaccinated against the seasonal flu … Continue reading

From County Executive Dooley’s Desk

Charlie A. Dooley

I have asked St. Louis County Council for a transfer up to $1 million from the emergency fund to the Department of Humans Services to provide support to residents impacted by the unrest in Ferguson, MO.

I have been in Ferguson nearly every day since this unfortunate incident occurred; the residents there need a break and any support we can provide to help the community heal and get back on its feet should be provided.

St. Louis County’s Department of Human Services has been working with the Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis, the United Way and other agencies to operate a drop-in center for residents at the Dellwood Recreation Center. The County has been providing transportation for residents, support for utility assistance and staffing at the center.

I don’t know how much assistance is needed but with the appropriation requested we should be able to provide support when and where it’s needed, to our fellow county residents, in Ferguson.

Charlie A. Dooley
County Executive, St. Louis County

The Pulse: Imagining Tomorrow for St. Louis County

The PULSE is a collection of social and economic indicators regarding the vitality of St. Louis County. The St. Louis County Department of Planning is collecting and tracking this information as we continue to implement the strategic plan, "Imagining Tomorrow for St. Louis County." As new information comes in, we will share it with you here.

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